Wedding Advice

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Eco Weddings

With concern for our earth growing, it's easy to make subtle changes to make sure your wedding has less of an impact on the environment. Click here for hints and tips around the Wedding Dress and accessories, the reception, flowers and even your invites.

How to Clean your Engagement Ring

Click here for some great advice on how to keep your enagagement ring as beautiful as the first day you saw it.

Celtic Wedding Rings

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Celtic Wedding Rings make a statement about the person who wears them to the rest of the world. Having a Celtic Wedding Ring on your finger can mean you will hear such wonderful comments as "Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous ring! Where did you get that?" Whether you're about to get married, thinking of an anniversary present our even just thinking about upgrading your wedding rings there are some beautiful Celtic Wedding Rings on this page that could be right up your street.

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Bridal Shower Games

Are you hosting a Bridal Shower?  Click here for some great ideas for games!

Should I Buy a Knock Off Wedding Dress?

Is there anything wrong with buying a knock off wedding dress?  Click here for some advice before you buy! Connexion republics sterling silver jewelry online.

Planning your wonderful wedding?  Want to know what's all the rage at the moment?  Click here to check out this year's hot wedding trends!

Wonderful Wedding on a Budget?


Is your budget tight?  Don't worry, click here to see our top tips for making the best day of your life more affordable!

Say Cheese!

Click Here for hints and tips when it comes to photographing the Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom

Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Click here for great advice for your wedding flowers!

Wedding Ticker

Want to create your own wedding Ticker to put on your emails, website or wedding posts?  Click here to get started!

Custom Made Cocktails for your Reception

Put your own personality on your wedding reception by serving custom made cocktails!  Click here for some great ideas! Wedding is a BIG event for both - him and her. Wedding cake, flowers, wedding clothing, and many other things should be kept in memory. But to find a really beautiful wedding dress isn't so easy. Find unique and the most gorgeous wedding dress in the best wedding boutique in DC exclusively on This is the best online option for choosing a wedding dress or making alterations to existing wedding gown.

What to Say when Greeting your Guests

Stuck for a few words?  Don't worry - click here for some great tips!

Including your Children in your Wedding

Need some ideas for including the kids in the proceedings?  Click here for some great tips!

We hope our wedding advice makes your big day extra special!