Wedding Advice


Gray is the “it” color for wedding apparel this year, with fabrics ranging from silver-gray to lavender-tinged gray to deep, dark steel gray. Gray looks great with yellow or pink, and it’s striking with a deep purple.

Pink continues its comeback in 2009, with shades of it showing up on details within the bride’s dress, in large splashes on bridesmaids’ gowns and in bouquets.

Chocolate brown, so popular last year, remains high on the color wheel of choices for brides in 2009.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of gray, pink or chocolate, but not sure about accent colors, take a tried-and-true hint from interior designers. Visit the paint department of your favorite home improvement store and collect strips of paint chips. Take them home, arrange them, and rearrange them. You’ll soon find your favorites emerging as you ponder the possibilities.


Influenced by elaborate cake decorating challenges on cable TV shows, we’re seeing more and more asymmetrical wedding cakes. These askew masterpieces are often quite colorful, which is another trend we’re seeing plenty of in 2009 – fewer white-on-white wedding cakes.

For a trendy reception, brides are taking a cue from the  recent return of the cupcake fad. Cupcakes situated on a tower continues to be a popular option, but the new trick is to order cupcakes in geometric shapes instead of the expected round.  

If you desire a more traditional wedding cake rather than cupcakes, the geometric-shaped trend carries over into larger layers, as well. Square-shaped or hexagonal-shaped layers are popular this year, and stacking the layers can create a unique, eye-catching look.

 Monochrome cakes still have their place, especially when the bride opts for the ever-popular black-and-white wedding theme. While black icing in moderation can be quite striking against a stark white cake, some brides step it up a few notches with intricate lacey details and splashes of black on their cakes.


Sample stations have emerged as a popular alternative to a sit-down dinner or buffet. 

Wine and cheese pairings, champagne bars, coffee, and dessert stations are popping up at receptions from coast to coast. Other options include potato bars with plenty of toppings, sushi, seafood, and Tex-Mex stations.  

Sample stations can be a very considerate way to pamper your guests who may have special dietary needs. How about a selection for diabetics, vegetarians, or those with specific food allergies?

Multi-cultural couples also use food stations as a way to introduce their unique cultures to each other and to their guests.


On the wall or on the dance floor, projecting your names or initials in light against a surface can be a striking addition to your reception décor. 

Choose a traditional-looking monogram with the bride’s initial on the left, the groom’s initial on the right, and the initial for the groom’s last name in the center. Or, if the bride is keeping her own name, go with your first names or initials. Another option is to have a graphic designer create your own custom logo, incorporating something sentimental from your courtship with your names or initials. Whether you realized you were meant for each other while high at the Eiffel Tower or on a Ferris wheel, little details like this can be fabulous touches for your ceremony and reception.

Check with your DJ to see if they have the equipment needed to reflect your initials or logo at the reception.

Green Weddings

With concern for our earth growing, it’s easy to make subtle changes to make sure your wedding has less of an impact on the environment.

Minimize the amount of driving for your guests by holding the ceremony and reception in one spot. Sometimes this just isn’t possible. For example, your church won’t allow you to have a champagne toast or an open bar at your reception. In that case, choose a reception site that doesn’t require guests to drive to another town. 

Recycled paper for wedding invitations is another easy way to go green. Or, take that a step farther and use one of the many beautiful papers with seeds embedded, and ask recipients to plant them and enjoy the flowers in their yards.

Other ways to go green include wearing a vintage gown, choosing organic or homegrown flowers, beeswax or soy-based candles, and tossing biodegradable confetti as the couple makes their getaway.

We hope our wedding advice makes your big day extra special!