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The Bridesmaid's Dress

Carefully selecting the right bridesmaid dress is very to a wedding. Nothing should go wrong on the big day - it's a once in a lifetime event!  Read on for some great hints and tips.

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Good research is very important when buying a Bridesmaids dress. You must take your time, check through the many wedding magazines to give yourself a good idea of the styles that are out there.  Check out the Internet to find out about any sales that might be on in your area or some special discount deals.  Collecting brochures and pamphlets from the shops that sell bridesmaid dresses is a very useful way to see a lot of different styles while your deciding on what is is that you want.  These are all great steps to take to help you make the right choices for the big day!


Make a checklist

This will save you both time and energy. Make the time to decide on the colour, style, cut, length and most importantly THE BUDGET.  When the time comes to go shopping, don't let the shop owner sweet talk you into buying a dress you simply cannot afford.  When it comes to buying an inexpensive bridesmaid dress beware of false promises and bad fabric.

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Let's go shopping!

Go shopping - don't get anxious and remember hurrying will only lead to worrying!  Plan the buying of the bridesmaid dress in advance. Decide on no more than two or three shops at any one shopping trip.  Always try the dress on in order to have a complete idea of how you will look. make sure that you take someone with you who can be trusted to tell you the truth. Someone who knows your personality and can give you an honest opinion of what does and does not work for you. Try to keep an open mind; feel free try everything but only buy a dress that you feel comfortable in and reflects who you are. After all, the dress is a reflection of your personality.

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The Final Order

This is a very critical time in the whole process.  Place the order very carefully and be sure to put everything in writing. Give the measurements to a professional otherwise the wrong measurements will ruin the dress. Talk openly about alterations required in the dress with the store or the dress designer. Avoid taking a dress that is not properly labelled even if you are being offered a good price.  You could end up with a polyester dress that you thought was silk!  Make sure you write the complete details of the transaction on your receipt. Fix a day for the final trial well ahead of time in case there are problems.

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Know your rights

Do not be an ignorant consumer - know your rights.  Always pay by credit card, so that you have a record of your transaction.  This is the best defence you can have against any disputes with the store owner.  There are laws that can protect you in these types of situations.  Don't sign any sort of contract. Use a tried and tested, well known supplier either in your home town or a respectable Internet supplier (such as Amazon).

Being a bridesmaid is a matter of honour and a responsible duty. You need to look great, complement the bride and help her in her most anxious moments. Prepare yourself with great care for this special day.

Good luck!

We hope our wedding advice makes your big day extra special!