Wedding Advice

Unique Gift Ideas

Everybody loves a wedding. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved including the guests. One of the reasons it's so exciting is because you get the chance to see people close to you embark upon a new phase of their lives alongside the the love of their life. Selecting a gift therefore holds a special significance for the giver as well as for the new couple.

There are literally thousands of gifts out there that can be bought on the Internet or from a “bricks and mortar” store. When you’re buying a gift, make sure that you can afford it and that your gift will have the desired effect when the newlyweds receive it.

Groom's Thank You Gifts

It is traditional for the Groom to give a "Thank You" gift to his Best Man and Groomsmen on the morning of the Wedding.  Check out some of the great gift ideas below.

Bridal Gifts

For the bridesmaids, you could pick out a nice (but reasonably priced) necklace or bracelet that they can all wear at the wedding and then keep.  The useful bridesmaid gift could be a  pair of flip flops to wear at the reception so they don't need to stay in their heels!

For the ushers, it really depends what sorts of things they like. Movie gift cards are always good.

For the groomsmen 'hangover kits" filled with medicines and hangover "remedies" for the morning after the wedding could be useful! If you want to do something a little more classy, engraved mugs or shot glasses usually go over well.

For the kids - just remember they'll appreciate fun MUCH more than a keepsake. I'd recomend a board game, video game, or itunes card for an 11-year-old. For a two-year-old flower girl, I'd get her a little purse and pretend make-up or doll.

We hope our wedding advice makes your big day extra special!