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Your Wonderful Wedding Photos

Saving Money or a False Economy?

Some people will tell you that a good way to save money on your wedding is to have a friend do your photographs.  While this may appear to be a good idea you have to ask yourself the following questions:

Does your friend has a good DSLR camera and is very competent with Photoshop?  If your friend doesn't have decent photography equipment then they are at a huge disadvantage.

What will you do if the photos don't turn out great?  This could affect your friendship!

Does your friend have a portfolio of pictures taken?  And if they do, would you say they look professional?

Is it a problem if your friend won't be in the pictures?  Maybe it’s better that your friend just enjoys the day like the other guests.

Where would your friend get the images printed? Most novice photographers would not know which labs are used by retailers.

The interesting thing about weddings is that for the Bride and Groom there are so many things happening all at once that the day just flies by and for guests, well, they tend to just go with the flow - what this means is that a lot of the time nobody is completely sure of the sequence of events of a wedding or how the ceremony links to the rest of the day.

Enter the Photographer

Because a professional photographer has been to so many weddings they are usually extremely familiar with the order of the events, the venues in the local area, the celebrants and other wedding suppliers not to mention that they want to document your wedding photographically  - that the photographer tends to become the de-facto wedding co-ordinator as well.

A good photographer is worth his or her weight in gold

Regardless of who you pick to do your photographs, your wedding photos are one of the most important things concerning your Big Day. They represent the history of the day, and the day really does go by so fast. You will find yourself looking at them again and again (and again) over the years.

Don’t just pick the first photographer you find, look around, it's important that you trust the person that will be photographing your wedding

When selecting a photographer you should definitely ask to see their portfolio

Sometimes a photographer will have sample books that are not their own work but a sample to show the style of album that you can have - make sure you get clarification on what is their work and what are third party sales samples.

Make sure you make it clear what sort of pictures you prefer, traditional poses or snapshots.

Thanks but No Thanks

If you have to politely refuse your friend's offer simply say that you don't want him or her to have to "work" at the wedding, and that you got a recommendation for a professional photographer who has all the necessary equipment and time. Beyond that, if your friend would like to take photos in addition to your photographer, I would say by all means go for it!

Where your Friends come into the Equation

Whether you have a professional photographer or not you will find all your friends and family will want to take their own pictures which is great as these days social networking (Face Book, MySpace, etc) is such an integral part of people's lives that pictures of your wedding can be up on the 'net as early as the next day (as was the case when we got married lol).

So while you are waiting for the professional to get finished, you can have pictures available to look over the events of the day that you can share with friends, family or anyone else that couldn't make it to your big day!

Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras are a good way of having guests who maybe didn’t bring their own camera to participate in the fun of the day.Usually a disposable camera is placed at each table of guests.  A decorative card will also be set up next to each camera letting the guests know why the camera is there and how to use it.

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We hope our wedding advice makes your big day extra special!